10 Dogs That Changed The World

Dogs have made a lasting impact on cultures around the world. Our four-legged friends have reputations ranging from loyal companions, protectors of the family through to expert hunters that can even bring down bears!  

Over the years, a few have even altered the course of human history. 

Here are 10 dogs that have changed the world and should be remembered for years to come. 

You can also see the full infographic here


1. Peritas the Ancient Greek

Peritas the dog image


2. JFK's Dog Charlie

JFKs dog Charlie


3. Robert the Bruce's Dog Donnchadh

Robert the Bruce's dog


4. Napoleon's Saviour

The dog that saved Napoleon


5.Henry VIII's Toe

The pope's dog that led to the downfall of Christianity in England


6. A Psychoanalysts Best Friend, Chow Chow

A picture showing pet therapy


7 & 8. Space Dogs

Space dogs


9. Wagner and Peps

Wagner had a dog called Peps


10. Odysseus's dog, Argos

Another dog from Ancient Greece


If there's a dog that's impacted your life, we'd love to hear about it. Feel free to comment below. 

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