12 Foods That Dogs Should Avoid (Infographic)

Foods that are suitable for human consumption can potentially be harmful and even toxic to dogs. This infographic shows 12 types of foods that dogs should avoid.

Dogs have different digestive systems to us, which means that even the most unlikely of foods in our kitchens can give them a sore tummy. 

The list in the infographic is not exhaustive, but covers many items that your dogs may have access to in the house. As you'll know, dogs can be sneaky and seem to always find a way to indulge in something they shouldn't. So it's important that you know which foods should be kept out of reach. 

We hope you find this infographic helpful and don't forget to click the share buttons below. You might even want to print it out and keep it on your fridge as a reminder. 

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infographic showing 12 foods that dogs should avoid

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