Why You Should Spend Time With Your Dog (7 Great Reasons)

One thing we can guarantee is that most of us are short of time. Our lives are busy - we’ve got to balance our work, social lives, family commitments and remember to fit in some time to wind down. 

All of these pressures will also have an impact on our four-legged friends. Some of us may be luckier than others and able to spend all day with our dogs, but most of us would appreciate more quality time together.

If you needed some more reasons to cancel those lunch plans with your mates and hang out with your dog instead, then you’ve come to the right place:

1. Dogs can help loneliness and support us through difficult times

Dogs have been shown to help with the long-term psychological effects of life events, such as bereavement and anxiety. Research has also found that owning a dog can help with loneliness as well as boosting self-esteem.

A picture of a dog and a person looking over water.

2. They get us excited about life

Dogs are excitable things - even sticks make them crazy! Their consistent positivity and enthusiasm can raise our spirits and help us remain optimistic and appreciate the small things.

3. They teach us how to be good people 

A study by BarkBox in the USA found that approximately 93% of respondents said that their dog made them an all round better person:

  • Around half found that their dogs made them more patient and affectionate
  • 7 in 10 people said that their dog made them a happier person

A dog making a woman happy.

4. Great to help us exercise (and reduce the risk of diabetes)

Dog owners get over 30% more exercise than non-dog owners. Walking has been shown to significantly improve our health. So no more complaining about getting up at 6 to take the dog for a walk.

5. Put us in a good mood

Many studies shown that dogs help treat the signs of depression by influencing our moods.

Even a little cuddle or a lick can make us smile. It’s no wonder that dogs are even being used to treat PTSD!

A boy stroking a dog.

6. Your dog can tell what mood you’re in

Research has indicated that dogs can tell the difference between a happy and an angry face.

If you catch them watching TV, it's likely they understand more of what's going on than you think! 

7. Good for our hearts and lungs

Individuals who own dogs and have had heart issues in the past are likely to live longer than those without a dog, and their risk of heart disease is reduced by 36%!

Picture of a dog and a person enjoying the outdoors.

Having a pet dog also reduces a child’s risk of asthma by 15%. What a breath of fresh air! 


So, next time you’re feeling down in the dumps, give your dog a snuggle as it’s likely they understand a little about how you’re feeling.



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