Winter care tips for dogs

We’ve pulled together 10 top tips that can help protect your dog from the elements this Winter. Keep these in mind so you can both explore the outdoors with the confidence you’re doing the best to keep your furry friend healthy.

1. Don’t forget to groom and dry

Grooming your dog’s coat ensures they are insulated properly. It’s also important to dry your dog’s coat after washing, especially if you’re planning on taking them outside.

2. Watch your dog

It’s easy to get distracted when you’re enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. In winter especially, it’s important to keep an eye on your dog at all times as there may be hazards just out of view. This could be anything from a hidden road to a frozen pond. Leads can be handy if you’re concerned your dog might get a bit adventurous and stray off the beaten track!  

3. Wrap up

If you get chilly standing outside without a coat on, it’s likely to be too cold for your dog too. Longer haired dogs have more natural insulation than those with shorter hair, such as pugs and greyhounds. Whatever type of dog you have, they could benefit from wearing a coat when it’s a little cold outside.

4. Snuggly bedding

Just like you might bring out that extra thick duvet during winter, dogs need extra warmth too. Get your pooch off the floor and make sure their bedding is sufficient to keep them warm. You may want to consider raising the dog bed off colder floors and moving it away from any drafty areas.. If you want to give your dog an extra treat, consider adding a blanket to their bed.

5. Look after those paws

During cold weather dogs paws are exposed to the elements and may crack. It’s important to keep an eye on them when they’re enjoying the outdoors. You might want to make sure that hair between their paws doesn’t freeze up and cause them discomfort.

6. Moisturise

You can treat chapped paws by using doggy moisturiser. Keeping your pooch’s paws moisturised provides a protective layer against the elements by trapping paw moisture from evaporating or escaping from the surface. At Gruff Stuff, we stock a brilliant range of grooming products for dogs that will keep your dog as fresh as a daisy and protected throughout these cold months! 

7. Increase indoor activities

Dogs need their exercise whatever the weather, but if you aren’t able to venture out, consider increasing indoor activities. Just like keeping kids entertained, make sure you provide lots of toys to keep your dog’s mind and body active.

8. Keep them visible

Winters are darker and bleaker than the rest of the year, which means it’s more important than ever to keep your dog visible when outside. Luminous dog coats or leads are a good idea and you can get toys that light up in the dark too. This will help you keep an eye on your dog and ensure others can see them whilst they enjoy the outdoors.

9.Keep them safe from heaters

Dogs love to curl up next to an AGA or open fire to keep warm during the winter months. If you have the fire or heater on, make sure you’ve got a dog-friendly system to keep them safe.

10. Never leave your dog in the car

Temperatures can drop rapidly in cars in the winter, just as they heat up quickly during the summer. Always take your dog with you when you leave the car, or if that’s inconvenient, leave them at home if you’ve got errands to run.

Like people, dogs are susceptible to the weather. Winter brings with it challenges for even the most responsible dog owners. Harsh weather can lead to frostbite and pneumonia. Even though some dogs are bred to manage harsher environments, no dog is immune to the cold. If it’s cold outdoors, make sure you pay special attention to how your furry friend behaves and keep their well-being at the front of your mind.

And remember, cold weather is a great excuse for extra snuggles!

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