About Gruff Stuff

Gruff Stuff is driven by two core principles. We believe that all dogs should be healthy and happy, and that all owners should feel confident caring for their dog. We’re here to help you and your dog get the most out of your time together.

Keeping your pup healthy and happy

Gruff Stuff was established to give dog owners confidence in caring for their pups and to reassure them that they are doing the right thing. We publish informative articles through our blog, For the love of dog! We'll be sure to add a drop of humour, a sprinkle of fun and bundles of cuteness. If there are any topics you would like to see we'd love to hear from you. 

Your pup deserves the best

We strive to select the best products we know dogs love. This includes the best dog beds, comfy dog blankets and entertaining dog toys to name but a few.

Choosing the best dog products isn't always easy. At Gruff Stuff, like you, we select products based on good recommendations and strong reputations.

If there is something you would like to see on our site or anything you want to ask, message us or send an email to gruff@gruff-stuff.co.uk.  

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